The estate Huber & Bléger is 50 years old!

The consecration of the "Saint-Hippolyte Rouge"... !

The estate Huber & Bléger is 50 years old!

In 1966 the cousins Marcel HUBER and Robert BLÉGER began working together.
They wanted to share their vineyards and their know-how. They started by planting a plot of Pinot Noir in the spring, continued with the summer work, then the harvest from October 10th... and on May 9th 1967, an agricultural grouping officially started.

Half a century has passed, marked by 50 vintages which are as much stories. It would be a little too long to tell you all. Just remember that attachment to Alsatian terroirs, respect for a responsible cultural practice and passion for the profession of winegrower are all topics that still unite the Huber & Bléger family.
The following generations continue to cultivate this legacy and elaborate wines of character for your greatest pleasure.

This great anniversary in 2017 calls for a drink - the right moment for sharing a glass with us.

Claude, Marc and Sébastien HUBER and Franck BLÉGER
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